Traveling tea lovers may already know the name Araksa and their organic tea made in the Banchang forests of Chiang Mai. Now Bangkokians can delve into their chai and bites at their fashionable new spot in Charoen Krung.
Like the tea, the new spot Araksa Tea Room is all about authenticity and sustainability—awash in sustainably vintage, second-hand, and reclaimed wood furniture, bamboo walls sourced from their tea plantation in Chiang Mai, and local and antique artwork. It gives off “Are we even still in Bangkok?” vibes. 
But you definitely still are in Bangkok, on the corner of a Charoen Krung alley that’s Instagram-worthy in its own right. 
On offer, tea lovers will be pleased to find a classic afternoon tea as well as a tea pairing menu. Or, you can just stop in for their award-winning Thai tea (B180) or their Bluefly (B150), featuring butterfly pea and lemongrass. 
They boast a lunch and dinner menu featuring Thai classics embracing the slow food movement and the talents of Chef Yao. If you want to keep the tea theme going, you can grab the yum bai cha tod (B280) of deep fried tea leaves with chicken, mushroom, or herbal miang. 
On the dinner menu, you can grab some simple satay (B440) and a green curry (B300-B340) or a tom khong (B260) with grilled barracuda and classic southern tom kha gai kamin (B240) with chicken, coconut milk, and turmeric soup. 
Also, this is a spot that’s indulging the trend of tea-based cocktails. Their signature varieties are all named after Thailand locations, like the Lampang (B360) featuring oolong tea and purple sweet potato syrup and the Kamphaeng Phet (B390) with Issan rum, Thai tea, mezcal, and homemade banana syrup. 
Also, keep in touch with this shop for ongoing workshops to learn about tea culture, brewing, the highest in tea appreciation.