Chocolate, flaming, and that godforsaken abomination The Real Cheeseburger—Bangkok is no stranger to gimmicky burgers. And now the vegans are getting in on the action with the whopping great “The Plant Beast” at Eat Co in Phrom Phong. 
Weighing in at 3.7kg and measuring 12 inches across, the vegan cafe Eat Co recently launched the veggie burger this week, with Let's Plant Meat, plant-based Swees cheese, and a house-made vegan bun. 
The pizza-sized burger costs B1,999 and can be shared between eight people—but Eat Co is not the boss of you so do what you want. You do, however, need to order this gigantic vegan burger 48 hours in advance. 
Eat Co began in 2014 Koh Phangan before opening up their Phrom Phong shop in Bangkok. If you’re interested in more veggie burgers at this stop but don’t want to commit to eating a small baby’s worth of plant-based meat, you can also check out their So Mush’room burger or their Beyond Meat Bun in a Million burger. 
2/F, 700 Sukhumvit Road, 093-282-0422. Mon-Wed; Fri-Sun, 8:30am-10pm.