In Hong Kong earlier today, the Asia’s 50 Best Bars 51-100 list was announced at the third edition of the awards, featuring four bars from Bangkok. 
The “Liquid Surreality” from head bartender Matteo Cadeddu and Arnon Hoontrakul at Opium—which was also Bar of the Year at the BAD Awards 2023 as well as winner of Best Design—took home Bangkok’s top spot on the list at 59. 
Opium was followed by the classic Chinatown cocktail bar Asia Today from the Teens of Thailand crew at No.68, and the speakeasy mainstay of Find the Locker Room with head bartender Thanachot “Ong” Lohanimit joined at No.78. 
Squeaking in at No.99 and the BAD Awards Best Hotel Bar winner is The Loft on the 56th floor of the Waldorf Astoria.
Spanning 22 cities throughout Asia, Singapore garnered the most names on the list, with eight bars on the list, followed by Hong Kong with five and Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur with four. Topping the list this year was Charles H in Seoul. 
Bangkok also grabbed four spots on the list last year, with entries that included ​​Teens of Thailand and Smalls. Five Bangkok bars—BKK Social Club, Tropic City, Vesper, Asia Today, and Bamboo Bar—made it into the top 50 list last year. The final Asia’s 50 Best Bars will be announced on Jul 18. Only two bars from Bangkok made it on the World’s 50 Best last year, BKK Social Club and Tropic City. 
Top Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023 will be announced on Jul 18, 2023. The ranking for the awards involves a 260-member academy with Asia’s 50 Best Bars with bartenders, bar owners, writers and cocktail aficionados over an 18-month voting window.
View the full list here