A quick word with Bangkok-based artist Adi Kirketerp.

In your pocket:  Lucky stones.

Stupidest artist stereotype:  That you have to be poor and crazy to be an artist. I don't think you have to be poor at all!

In 20 years: I want to be healthy so I can continue to work with bigger installations and canvases.

Happiest moment: Right now!

Idol: Rauschenberg, my favorite installation artist and painter. He's dyslexic like me.

Favorite Bangkok art scene: Living in Bangkok is like living in one big art gallery. I get a lot of my inspiration from the city.

Rule for life: Never procrastinate!

(Would like to be) Remembered as: An artist, wife and mother.


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Bored with tuneless singers in live music bars? Looking for a place where you can take center stage? Bangkok’s full of karaoke bars that leave the tuneless singing to you and your friends. Here are just a few.

Big Echo

Lousy location, except for office workers in the area. 1/F, Kian Gwan Bldg., Wireless Rd., 02-627-3071/-5. Open daily 11am-1am.


Bangkok’s most modern and stylish karaoke venue. 3/F, Olympia Thai Tower, Ratchadapisek Rd., 02-513-4774. Open daily 6pm-1am. www.iplusrooom.com


Busy with office workers who know enough to book in advance. Narathiwat Rd., 02-675-4224. Open daily 6pm-1am.

Indy tree bar by the story

Three private KTV rooms, an airier alfresco area and an extended dance floor. 44/4 Cheua Plerng Rd., under Rama 4 Expressway, 02-249-0222. Open daily 6pm-1am.


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Where your B100 is worth more than a cup of coffee

Cheap food doesn’t always mean cheap taste. If you’re on the lookout for a place that will make your stomach full yet keep your pocket loaded, we can help. Bangkok is full of inexpensive and delicious food places—as long as you don’t judge a book by its cover. Bon appetit!


Tub Tim Krob Siam

Where: 188 Krasi Rd., Banglumpoo, 02-281-2298, 02-281-2393. Open daily 9am-6:30pm.
What: Tubtim krob, water chestnut coated with red jelly served with ice and in coconut milk.
Why: Tub Tim Krob Siam excels in—surprise—tubtim krob. Around for almost 30 years, this shophouse’s signature ingredient is macapuno, or mutant coconut, boasting softer-than-average meat.
Price: B20 for tubtim krob and B25 for macupuno in coconut milk.

Ah E-sa

Where: Tanee Rd., Banglumpoo, 02-282-6378. Open daily 8am-5pm.
What: Muslim food
Why: Don’t blink or you’ll miss this hole-in-the-wall eatery. From the outside, it looks like a small noodle stall, but inside, you’ll find tantalizing Muslim dishes. This one-stop shop offers everything from khao mok kai (biryani rice) to mataba. Don’t miss the beef satay and oxtail soup.
Price: B50 for oxtail soup, B35 for khao mok kai.

Kanom Jeen Banglumpoo

Where: A small soi beside Tang Hua Seng Department Store, opposite Chakrapong Mosque, Chakrapong Rd. Open daily 10am-7pm.
What: Kanom jeen with various curries from naamya to naamya pah to green curry.
Why: Although it’s in a small and grubby soi, the food, tables, chairs and vendor are very clean. The curries are spicy and yummy, made fresh every day.
Price: B15 for kanom jeen with curry. B5 for a boiled egg. Free fresh vegetables.

Pen Thai Food

Where: 229 Rambutri Rd., Banglumpoo, 02-282-2320. Open daily 7am-8pm.
What: Rice and side dishes like fried shrimp, curries and fried vegetables.
Why: Every side dish uses meaty ingredients just like in fine Thai restaurants, only cheaper. Their signature dishes are green curry and masaman kai.
Price: B20 for rice and one side dish. B25-70 for rice and two side dishes.

Shoshana Restaurant

Where: 86 Chakrapong Rd., Banglumpoo, 02-282-9948. Open daily 10am-midnight.
What: Israeli and Thai food
Why: You can have good Israeli food without having to wander the dark sois of Nana. Also, prices are cheaper than in Nana and the taste is pretty much the same, except lighter.
Price: B30 for falafel (5 pieces), hummus and hasilim. A combination dish with your choices of hummus, hasilim, fried chicken, salad, mashed potato etc. is less than B100.

Pornchai (a.k.a. Kanompang Banglumpoo)

Where: Tanow Rd., Banglumpoo, across Soi Bavornrangsri. Open daily 8am-1pm.
What: Fresh baked bread and Thai desserts
Why: Roti Boy fever doesn’t compare to the lineup for Pornchai’s stuffed bread. Try raisin bread and mixed stuffing bread (sausage, mooyong, ham and raisin). If you hate lines, you can buy it at bakeries around Thewet and Victory Monument for an extra B5.
Price: B30 for all stuffed bread.

Siam Square


Where: 207/3/4 Phaya Thai Rd., near Net Design Siam Square, opposite MBK, 01-403-0505. Open daily 11am-8pm.
What: Japanese food like ramen, steak and curry rice.
Why: Air-conditioned but cheap. A good place to rest after spending all your money shopping. Their fish tempura ramen is superb.
Price: B35-B45, fish tempura ramen for B35. 


Where: 432/1-2 Rama 1 Rd., 02-251-4689. Open daily 10am-10pm.
What: Thai food.
Why: Cheap food, good taste. But don’t expect any service-minded waiters. They can barely remember what you ordered.
Price: B40-B100.


Where: Food Court, G/F, Siam Paragon, 991/1 Rama 1 Rd., 02-610-9000. Open daily 10am-11pm.
What: Thai food.
Why: Amazing healthy khai jeaw with a vegetable stuffing. Its delicious kang tai pla is also recommended. Compared to the other shops at Paragon, the food is very cheap.
Price: B40 for one side dish and rice or B50 for two.

Political Sciences Noodle (a.k.a. Kuay Tiew Odd Ton)

Where: Canteen, Faculty of Political Sciences, Chulalongkorn University. Open Mon-Fri 7:30am-2pm.
What: Old-style noodles.
Why: Try one dish and you will want to come back again for sure. The nice girls walking around are another good reason to drop by. Be prepared to wait.
Price: B20-B45.


Ton Kok

Where: 77 Samyan Market, Soi Chula 15, 02-219-2119, 09-922-5903. Open daily 9am-8pm.
What: Thai food and bakery.
Why: The food is so-so, but its tasty chocolate cake is reasonably priced. However, we really mean it when we say the portions are small.
Price: B65 for one small foil box of its signature chocolate or orange cake. B25 per piece.


Where: 2/F, Samyan Market, 02-611-7976. Open daily 11am-midnight.
What: Steak and Thai food.
Why: A hearty plate of steak at a reasonable price is what Mokethip is known for, but the best-selling item is Chicken Alaska, a combination of fried chicken and spaghetti. If you want to try a bit of everything, there’s Hot Mix Grilled, which includes bacon, ham, sausages, pork chop and beef steak.
Price: Starts from B35 for Thai dishes and B70 for steak.

Silom Area

Kuay Tiew Krae

Where: Next to Assumption College, opposite Soi Chareon Krung 45.
What: Kuay tiew krae.
The soup might be a little sweet for some—if you want to go for the spicier option, ask for yum. Many well-known people are regular customers here and rumor has it even some blue blood families have visited. To soothe your tummy while you’re waiting, have some spring rolls, sold at the beginning of the soi.
Price: B25 for noodles and B20-40 for spring roll.

Kuay Chop Nay Chai Wat Kaek

Where: 85 Silom Soi 20, Opposite Wat Kaek market, 01-490-0726. Open daily 6am-6pm.
What: Kuay chop (meaty stew).
Why: This kuay chop shop is known in the area because of its delicious taste and sumptuous aroma. It offers a great variety of meat options, so carnivores really get a selection. The most popular choices are egg, tofu, liver, pig’s tongue and pig’s stomach.
Price: B25 for a bowl, B30 for a big bowl

Sukhumvit, Thonglor, Ekkamai

Sukhumvit Soi 38

Where: Sukhumvit Soi 38, under BTS Thonglor Station, opposite Soi Thonglor. Open Tue-Sun 7pm-very late.
What: Plenty of choices from bamee (egg noodles) to khao neaw mamuang (sticky rice with mango).
Why: Must-haves include bamee phuu (egg noodles with crab) and khao neaw mamuang. The bamee features real crab meat, sweet and tender roasted pork and al dente noodles. The soup here is sweetened by long-time stewing—not palm sugar like at other bamee trolleys.
Price: Bamee for B30-50. Khao neaw mamuang for B60-80.

San Saeb

Where: 94/13 Sukhumvit Soi 23, 02-260-1626. Open daily 10am-10pm.
What: Spicy Thai-style noodles.
Why: This air-conditioned noodle place features soup so deliciously rich that people always drain the bowl. One order is quite small so you may need to ask for two. Also offers homemade ice cream and is always busy during lunchtime.
Price: B25-30 for normal dishes and B65-75 for noodles with Thai-French beef.

55 Pochana

Where: Sukhumvit Rd., about 60 feet after Thonglor, 02-391-2021.
What: Classic Thai dishes from tom yum goong (spicy prawn soup) to kai tod met mamuang (chicken with cashew nuts).
Why: It can be very noisy sitting on the street, so take a seat inside the no-frills restaurant and enjoy. These guys do it right.
Price: Main dishes range from B50-120.

Yen Ta Fo Krueng Song

Where: 3079/25, Piyarom Sport Club, Sukhumvit Rd., before Sukhumvit Soi 101/1. 02-741-8612. Open daily 10am-9pm.
What: Famous for yen ta fo and one-dish meals created by nationally well-known cook Archan Mallika.
Why: Yen ta fo features three different levels of spice: ros jeb (spiciest), jai soa (medium spicy) and dek dek (mild). Or go for kuay tiew tom yum jing jing, untouched by prik pon but redolent with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf and shallot. The deep-fried Bhutan mushrooms are a crispy and tasty appetizer. The cha rang chut (Babbler’s bill tea) may keep you from getting drunk easily and cures hangovers.
Price: B55-80, B20 for tea.

Roong Roj Noodles

Where: 10/3 Sukhumvit Soi 26, 02-258-6746. Open daily 9am-4:30pm.
What: Kuay tiew tom yum, kuay tiew krae.
Why: The tom yum noodles with real lime juice are this place’s specialty. Noodles come already seasoned, with your choice of a variety of toppings such as minced pork. A must-have with your tom yum noodles is deep-fried fish skin—they use real salmon.
Price: B30-40, deep-fried salmon skin B15-30.

Elsewhere in Town

Krapohpla Nam Daeng

Where: Suan Luang, Pathumwan Soi 5, across from the car park, 01-886-8739. Open Thu-Tue 4:30-10pm.
What: Fish maw soup.
Why: This small stall run by two aunties has only one staple, fish maw soup, but has been in business for over 20 years. One of their recipes for success is real fish maw instead of low-quality pig skin, and they pay B1,500 per kilo for the real thing.
Price: B60-70.

Sun Moon Chinese Restaurant

Where: Soi Ngam Duplee between Pinnacle hotel and alleyway. Open 10:30am-10:30pm.
What: Chinese dumplings.
Why: This tiny place has a variety of excellent dumplings, some great Chinese/Thai dishes, and very friendly service. Also try their fried eggplant(B70)—which comes out looking (and tasting) like French fries.
Price: B50 per plate of dumplings.

Chiffon Bakery

Where: 356/59 Samsen Rd., Thewet, 02-281-1315. Open daily 9:30am-7:30pm.
What: Chiffon cake.
Why: Living up to its name, Chiffon Bakery offers airy chiffon cake. Though there are many stalls selling this delicacy, this is the only place you’ll find it fresh from the oven. Great with a cup of coffee.
Price: B7/piece.


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Greg Burns is a UK-based standup comedian, Virgin Radio host and MC at Lee Hurst’s Backyard Comedy Club in London. He has a devoted following and has appeared in TV shows including BBC’s The Stand Up Show and The Office.

When a joke fails: Sweat

Stupidest trend: Trousers

Scared of: My mum

Favorite audience: Drunk, dinner suits and party blowers

As a child you wanted to be: A priest. Then I realized it was just the “stage” and the microphone

In 20 years: I still won’t have untangled my iPod headphones.

On a night out: I'm the first to leave and stay sober

Last lie: See above

Rule for life: “Just one more...go on!”

First job: Let you know when it happens

Idol: My mum

Reading: Playboy

Favorite sound: Own voice

(Would like to be) Remembered as: The bloke who was the MC.


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After releasing his album La La Land, Australian DJ Kid Kenobi teamed up with hip-hop MC Shureshock and the duo went on tour with a darker, harder sound.

In your pocket: My train ticket and some old chewing gum wrappers.

Never leave home without: A pen and paper.

Stupidest Trend: The return of track pants. Then again, I say it’s stupid now...

Favorite audience: Anyone there to dance without pretensions.

Happiest moment: Finally making time for siestas.

As a child: I loved drawing.

In 20 years: I still want to be making art that moves people.

All time fave song: Changes weekly. This week it’s “Feel Better” by Phoenix.

On a night out you… : Usually get drunk and spend lots of money buying people drinks.

Fave restaurant: Wet Paint in Sydney.

Last lie: Something along the lines of “I’m leaving now!”

Rule for life: Be Here Now.

Day job: Writing music.

Idol: Picasso.

Reading: Peter Camenzind by Herman Hesse.

Favorite Bangkok sound/noise: Sound of the tuk tuk driver trying to convince me to see the “Golden Buddha.”

(Would like to be) Remembered as: Someone who spread a bit of love.


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Though most people go out to see pretty faces or meet interesting people, enjoying art with a drink is not a bad idea either.

Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Thailand

Want to drink with journos? This is the place to do it. They also host rotating photo exhibits, mostly of the serious variety dealing with hard news stories. Can you handle that?
FCCT, Penthouse, Maneeya Center Bldg., 518/5 Ploenchit Rd., 02-652-0580/-1. Open daily 10am-11pm. www.fccthai.com.

Phranakorn Bar

This artsy venue featuring three floors and a rooftop bar not only boasts an art gallery showing the works of starving artists but is also priced for the young and skint. They have a good menu of drinks and Thai food. The music is a mix of Thai pop and jazz.
58/2 Soi Damnoenklang Tai, 02-622-0282. Open daily 6pm-1am.


Funky retro bar with cool furniture and eclectic music—no cheesy "El Nin Yo", no run-of-the-mill hip-hop. They also host cute painting and photo exhibitions.
95 Chakrapong Rd., Chanasongkram, 02-281-4445. Open daily 9pm-1am.


A tiny bar with prices you haven’t seen in Bangkok in seven years. Paintings, photos, breakbeats, drum ’n’ bass—holy moly, this place is an intellectual traffic jam! Ah, so that’s where they got the name …
171 Tanao Rd., Phranakorn, 06-539-2510, 04-052-2723. Open Tue-Sun 4pm-1am.


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DJ Matman is a UK-based hip-hop DJ who has won numerous DMC championships for his ill scratching skills, including the London DMC Heat 2006, the UK DMC Battle for Supremacy 2005, South East Mixing Championships 2005 and so forth.

In your pocket: A Prose CD, Earwax mix CD (by me!), digi-cam and phone

Never leave home without: Sneakers on my feet

Stupidest trend: Back to front clothes

Favorite audience: Bangkok crowds!

Happiest moment: Realizing my dreams

In 20 years: Constantly elevating towards higher goals

All time fave song: Ultramagnetic MC’s—“Poppa Large (East Coast Mix)”

On a night out you… Drink & conversate

Last lie: “I don’t tell lies”

Rule for life: Spread love not hate

Day job: Freelance promoter

First Job: Kitchen porter (i.e. washing dishes)

Idol: Jazzy Jeff

(Would like to be) Remembered as: An influence.


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Spa Paradise

Sooth yourself with a relaxing treatment at one of the newest spas in town, CHA Spa (9 Soi Thonglor 25, 02-381-7000), which has some interesting packages on offer. A recommended one from the CHA menu is the Oriental Revival treatment, which uses green tea and black sesame to revive your skin. These are combined with a unique nourishing oil massage that will improve your circulation and your Qi energy. At B1,450 for a 90 minute treatment, it ensures you a pleasant moment. Other treatments available include Essence of Siam (B550/90 minutes), a holistic Siamese style treatment using luk prakob, and Heavenly Uplift (B2,500/90 minutes), a facial treatment that includes a gel-based masking and regenerating massage technique.

Scent of elegance

Traditional looks sometimes go well with contemporary style. Trying to blend different aspects together, “Selection” is a new fragrance line from HUGO BOSS, which comes in a standard package but is unexpectedly fresh and fruity, including creative scents such as green apple, tangerine and grapefruit.
B3,100. (Try 1/F, Central Chidlom 1027 Ploenchit Rd., 02-793-7777).


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While some like to do the American thing and split the bill, why not just go to these places where you can pay one price and then booze it up until you pass out? Repeat as MUCH as you like.


It’s neither bar nor a topnotch hotel hangout but just another Japanese restaurant in Mango City. However, with the irresistible deal of B199 daily, you are free to gorge yourself on as much draught Heineken, Singha and of course Asahi as you can from opening until closing (Mon-Fri 11am-2pm, 5:30-10pm. Sat-Sun and public holiday 11am-10pm). Lets enjoy wasabi and beer this weekend, then.
1521/1 Sukhumvit Rd., between Soi 67 and 69, 02-381-2267/-8.

Unicorn 70’s Bar

Sitting in a small sub soi off Khao San is Unicorn, which originally targeted the boy-on-boy market but not anymore. For B199, you can get free flow draught beer from 7-10pm daily while Mr. DJ and the bands entertain you with indie pop, rock and of course, coyote dancers.
164 Khao San Rd., 02-281-2366. Open daily 7pm-1am.

Zuk Bar

How about starting off the night with a little wine? Free flow, that is. Hmm… that could mean one heck of a sloppy evening, but hey, be that posh dude you know you are and head over to Zuk Bar. This elegant yet intimate setting allows you to gaze over a lotus ponds while you sip a choice of seven brands of reds and whites. Gather some friends together and chat like civilized beings. B1,000 from 5:30-8pm daily.
Sukhothai Hotel, 13/3 South Sathorn Rd., 02-344-8888. Open daily 6pm-1am.


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Let’s face it: when you’re drinking all night, toilet quality is important, and it’s one of the things that can make a place stick in your mind. Okay, some of these places are not really “bars,” but you can definitely have a nice drink at any of them.


The avant-garde toilet beckons you to urinate onto a sloped glass wall, through which you can watch people jogging in Lumpini Park 22 floors below. But if you can see them, doesn’t that mean…?
22/F, Dusit Thani Hotel Bangkok, 946 Rama 4 Rd., 02-236-0450. Open Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm, 6-10pm; Sat 6-10pm. www.dusit.com.


Chat with your friends and see each other’s…faces…while relieving yourself. Everything is simple and clean in this restroom. A futuristic communal urinal is divided into three sections with a drain located in the center.
59 Lang Suan Rd., 02-252-8108/-9. Open daily 11am-2:30pm, 6-10pm.


This ravishing Sino-Colonial style room is decorated in shades of Oriental green and red. Shining urinals line a glass terrace that faces a small garden; your privacy is protected behind blinds with strings of metal beads. It’s like having a pampered pee in your own private garden.
142 North Sathorn Rd., 02-634-5398/-9. Open daily 11am-11pm.

Route 66

This is a real woman thing. Despite the conspicuous plumbing, this retreat seems more like a bar-within-a-bar where toilets are just another type of seating. The posh powder room is extravagantly decorated with a glass-walled dressing room and cute male musicians performing on weekends. So the next time your girlfriend says, “The lines were so long!” be skeptical.
29/33-40 Royal City Avenue, Block B, Rama 9 Rd., 01-916-2898. Open daily 8pm-2am. www.route66club.com.


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