The Kitchen Table

W Hotel Bangkok’s signature restaurant puts the focus on seasonal produce and far-flung cuisines.

The chic W Bangkok’s signature restaurant serves Asian flavors in comforting portions with plenty of European influences. Expect plenty of slow-cooking, such as in the 48-hour braised beef short ribs and crispy, roasted duck breast (B820), but also an emphasis on well-balanced spices. The pad pong gari pu nim (curried wok-fried soft shell crab) served with Maine lobster is a real highlight. Unlike the glamorous and glittery purple vibe of the hotel, the restaurant also sports a warmer interior of wooden furniture, coaches and amber lighting. 

The buzz: The chic W Hotel Bangkok’s signature restaurant, The Kitchen Table, is run by Australian Chef Sarah Briegel who whips up her takes on the various cuisines she’s learned in far-flung locations like Dubai, London and Hong Kong. The all-day dining starts with an a la carte buffet breakfast, moves on to a comforting luncheon, then turns the focus more on seasonal produce for dinnertime. Also, hold your breath for a new fine-dining restaurant opening at the beautiful former Russian embassy next door around March.

The décor: Unlike the glamorous and glittery purple vibe of the hotel, The Kitchen Table sports an amber color décor, the sizeable dining room fitted out with a mix of wooden furniture and some couches. The open kitchen runs along one side while the opposite wall boasts a pattern inspired by monitor lizards. There’s also a lengthy terrace that overlooks the old Russian embassy, which will soon house a luxurious duplex suite on top of another eatery.

The food: It’s a given that a hotel nowadays will pad out their menu with some comforting, crowd-pleasing dishes like braised beef shoulder burger (B520) and ravioli with goat curd, asiago and brown sugar (B420). Beyond the Western fare, we think you should try the Thai dishes, which make use of intriguing ingredients, like the si krong moo nam makham (pork rib with tamarind served with pickled watermelon skin (B320). Other loftier recommendations include the foie gras butter poached lobster with roasted carrot puree and tarragon (B1,200) and Pedro Ximenex braised wagyu beef cheek (B860). Also, try the charcuterie with tomato chutney (B700) and get your veggie fix with the heirloom tomato salad (B200).

The drinks: Since they have a full bar with molecular cocktails at WOOBAR, cocktails here come as a brief list of Woohitos and some caipirinhas. The staff proudly tout the Chalika Poser (Ciroc vodka, pomegranate juice, acacia honey, B300) and Wild Berry Mojito (rum, lime juice, sugar, berries and soda, B300). There’s also about eight beers to choose from, such as San Miguel Light (B150) and Heineken (B150). Wine by the glass starts from B215.

The crowds: For now, in-house guests and Sathorn executive types. Pieng-or Mongkolkumnuankhet

Venue Details
Address: The Kitchen Table, 2/F, W Hotel, Sathorn Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-344-4000
Area: Sathorn
Opening hours: daily 5:30am-4pm, 5-9:30pm
Parking available
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