By now, you might have heard of the (not so) little Singha Food Fest that’s set to take over downtown Bangkok this month. Our friends at Singha hooked us up with an early peek into the different vendors and their menus that will be available over the three-day affair, and we thought it’d be selfish of us to not share them with you guys.


Khaod Yum
First up, viral sensation Khaod Yum will be serving up a bevy of hearty, flavor-packed dishes, and whether you’re in the mood for pork, salmon, catfish, or squid, the team of expert chefs are ready to whip up a fresh dish. Another Thai stall worth highlighting is Ongtong Khaosoi, whose small but sumptuous menu includes chicken khao soi, homemade sausages, and crispy fried pork neck.


Baan Progressive


Want Thai but with a twist? Baan Progressive will be serving minced beef, pork, or ox tongue ka phrao with pickled egg yolk, and crispy pork belly with garlic and chili sauce — both served with rice, of course. For something a little more decadent, try their 130-gram Picanha steak that’s been grilled and cooked sous vide for two hours, and served with truffle pickled egg yolk, or a 100-gram ox tongue version that’s been cooked sous vide for 12 hours.


Chef Pom
Thailand’s very own Iron Chef Pom will also have a stall under his name. Expect Chinese classics such as their signature crispy pork, har gow, taro buns, sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves, and perfectly barbequed char siu.
Speaking of barbeque, Est.33 will be grilling up succulent racks of ribs, cheesy quesadillas, and finger-licking tasty chicken wings, while Luarjai will be offering a barba chicken yakitori set, and various vegetable and meat skewers, ranging from salmon and beef to a juicy wagyu beef.


Tokki Izakaya

Feeling more in the mood for Japanese cuisine? Tokki Izakaya has got Japanese street food covered with its assortment of grilled skewers, which include pork belly with Japanese pizza sauce, octopus tentacles in teriyaki sauce, and grilled eel in soy sauce. Teyaki will have their famous senbei (Japanese rice crackers) in four different flavors: seaweed, shrimp, pork, and wagyu. Another Japanese option is Chim Ramen and Diner, who will be serving popular favorites including their grilled miso-marinated pork neck, grilled squid eggs, and truffle-marinated cold tofu. Dessert lovers should stop by Croissant Taiyaki, whose taiyaki is made with flaky croissant batter instead of the usual cake batter — they’ll have flavors like taro, chocolate, red bean, and even a savory double ham and double cheese. A seasonal hokkaido milk cream flavor will also be available, along with two ice-cream options which will be perfect for the hot weather: matcha ice-cream with red bean, and vanilla ice-cream with brownie.


Moodaeng’s Amphawa


And while we’re on the topic of desserts, we’d like to point out Shrimp Shrimp and Friend’s dessert options, which include a white peach or misaguru frozen custard sandwiched between slices of chewy waffles, or in a creamy custard form smothered atop a waffle piece. On the savory side, they’ll have a variety of wraps like bulgogi pork, pickled shrimp, and fried shrimp with cheese. Another stall catering to your sweet tooth is Moodaeng’s Amphawa, which will have special, custom flavors like Singha Reserve and Singha Lemon Soda.




For Western food, keto-friendly Lowcarber will be selling a variety of juicy beef and pork burgers. Decide between their classic and “smashed” burgers, and then choose from the thousand island or Japanese sesame dressing, a smoked pepper bbq sauce, or opt for the original version, made with their signature pink sauce. They’ll also have a BLT, as well as keto-friendly fries cooked in almond and coconut oil and served with sriracha and balsamic ketchup. Another burger option is Wanghinghoi, which will be serving classic beef burgers with crispy curly fries. Taking the more traditional American diner route, Mickey’s Diner BKK will have fried chicken and waffles, and fried chicken and biscuit with sausage gravy.




For the deep-fried lovers, Fishmonger will be dishing up their special Singha beer-battered fish and chips, while Katok Katak Fried Chicken’s menu features chicken fried in every way possible, including fried boneless chicken, chicken popcorn, and fried chicken skin (and fried mushrooms, for the non-chicken eaters).
If your motto is “the cheesier, the better,” head on over to Eat Me Cheese. Whether you want cheese fries, nachos topped with a healthy serving of cheese, fried mozzarella sticks, Italian grilled cheese sandwiches, or shisho cheese chicken nuggets (ya know, just to name a few options), this is the stall for the cheeseheads.


The Singha Food Festival will take place at the Morakot Parking Lot in Central Chidlom from November 11 to 13 from 4pm to midnight, with live musical performances taking place every evening.