The second iteration of the Thailand International Lantern festival is taking place at Samut Prakan Ancient City, or commonly known as Muangboran, until Nov 13, from 5:30-9pm.
The festival, which started Nov 4, welcomes Thai winter and the festive season where you get a chance to play dress-up in Thai traditional dress and pretend like you’re living in the past—though with a government like this, who needs to pretend?
There is also a fireworks show on Nov 8 and 12 at 8pm. On top of that, there’s plenty of food and drinks and, of course, displays and showcases for lanterns from different countries and cultures around the world.
Tickets are B250 and B350 on days with fireworks shows via ICV Ticket.
296 Sukhumvit Rd., Bang Pu Mai, Samut Prakan.