Dudesweet, the no-holds-barred party organizer that has played a large part in shaping Bangkok’s indie scene and club culture over the past 17 years, is back in action with a three-month-only pop-up bar.
Called Mischa Cheap, the bar occupies the tiny bamboo shack next door to Pakalolo, in front of the Josh Hotel. Here, Note Pongsuang (a.k.a. Note Dudesweet) and the gang serve drinks so cheap you’ll have to ask if the menu isn’t some sort of twisted joke, with the actual prices given to you when you pay: Isaan rum and soda, B100; G&Ts made with Teens of Thailand’s chrysanthemum gin, B160; absinthe, B160.
You’ll notice the place by the light projection shining off the wall of a yet-to-be-developed property on Ari Soi 4. That sort of projection might look awfully familiar to anyone who has been reading the news lately.
Behind the bar, which is barely big enough to fit two people, you’ll find an illuminated self-portrait of van Gogh and some other random-as-hell decor, like disco balls and a still frame of a UFO captured by a US Air Force pilot. The crowd, meanwhile, is currently heavy on Ari residents, creative types and Dudesweet fans who appreciate Note’s clever, high-energy parties. Odds are good you end up closing the place down with the Dudesweet people and whoever else shows up that night. 
Mischa Cheap is peculiar, fun and the exact opposite fancy, but that’s totally the point. Picture the original Cheap Charlie’s with a more engaging cast of regulars.
The bar will only be around three months, so appreciate it while it lasts. In August, if not sooner, expect some very Dudesweet events. Meaning, events that turn events as you know them on their head. All we’ll say is one involves fashion in a public and spontaneous way. 
Check out Dudesweet and Mischa Cheap’s Instagram accounts for more information.
Mischa Cheap, Ari Soi 4, Fang Nua Alley