While we’ve extensively reported on where to buy cannabis in Bangkok (see our comprehensive city weed map here), it’s time to acknowledge and appreciate that Thailand’s green rush goes beyond just the capital, as dispensaries have been increasingly popping up around the country following decriminalization in June 2022. 

There’s nothing like a sunset spliff on the beach or enjoying a smoke amongst new friends in a local dispensary. Well, you can easily turn those dope smoking dreams into reality in Pattaya. Here are the locations we have verified that cannabis can be purchased. Although this list definitely isn’t complete, we will be adding additional locations to it as we continue to find more pot shops. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any other venues you want to share with us: piti@coocnuts.co.


All information is subject to change without notice. 


Bong Party Pattaya

Photo: Bong Party Pattaya / Google Map


If you’re looking for a bong, look no further than Bong Party. In addition to a variety of cannabis strains, they’ve got all the smoking gear from cleaning brushes, grinders, and rolling papers, but the bongs on bongs on bongs are what they’re known for – from glass to more unorthodox designs.

See Bong Party’s Facebook page


247, 11-12 Moo.10 Pattaya 3rd Rd., 084-134-4563. Open daily, 12-9pm.


Greenhead Pattaya

Photo: Greenhead Pattaya / Google Map


This is the Pattaya location of Greenhead, a Thai chain of traditional medicine clinics that specializes in using hemp and cannabis for health benefits.

See Greenhead South Pattaya’s Facebook page


S Pattaya Rd., 094-783-7617. Open Mon-Thurs, 4pm-1am, Fri-Sun, 1pm-3am.


Pasha’s Coffee Cocktail Lounge 

Photo: Pasha’s Coffee Cocktail Lounge / Google Map


Pasha’s is a place to chill by the beach and lounge with a cocktail or joint or both in hand. The cafe has a seaview and sells food, drinks, and now bud. 

See Pasha’s Coffee Cocktail Lounge’s Facebook page


290/51, Beach Rd., 080-008-9930. Open daily, 8am-12am. 


Pot Hole Cafe Bar Dispensary 

Photo: Pot Hole Cafe Bar Dispensary / Google Map


This is not only a dispensary, but also a nice and big reggae-style cafe and bar with a pool table! Their website has detailed menu info (unlike most places around), and customers rate Pot Hole highly for being a good place to chill and watch sports. 

See Pot Hole Cafe Bar Dispensary’s website


383/7-8, Moo 9 Soi Pot Hole Nongprue, 084-279-6383. Open daily, 12pm-12am. 


Jacky Land

Photo: Jacky Land / Google Map


If you’re looking for a weed cafe situation where you can sit on your laptop, drink some coffee or liquor (you do you!), and smoke some dope, this is your spot. 


29 Soi Lengkee, 065-850-3433. Open daily, 10am-11pm. 


The Old Weed Men

Photo: The Old Weed Men 


Easy to find and right on the Walking Street, this dispensary’s got bud, oils, and a variety of edibles and beverages. Prices are on the ‘higher,’ side, according to customers. 

See the Old Weed Men’s Instagram page


84 Moo 10, 080-602-6175. Open daily, 24 hours.


The Elephant Pattaya Cannabis Store

Photo: The Elephant Pattaya Cannabis Store / Google Map


This cool cannabis shop in south Pattaya has dark tones, light vibes, and markets itself a great place to get high and chill. The store sells quality weed and specializes in premium edible treats like cookies, brownies, and caramel popcorn. 

See the Elephant Pattaya Cannabis Store’s Facebook page


57/28, Moo 10, 092-662-5899. Open Sun-Fri 4:30pm-1am; Sat 4:30pm-2am


Big Bud Dispensary 

Photo: Big Bud Dispensary / Google Map


A compact little shop offering a variety of strains, as well as stuff for your smoking needs like papers and bongs. They do delivery if you’re looking for your weed to come to you.

See Big Bud Dispensary’s Line account


33, 148-149 Soi Buakhao, 081-067-6961. Open daily 10am-2am


Blow Cannabis Coffeeshop Lounge and Bar

Photo: Blow Cannabis Coffeeshop Lounge and Bar / Google Map


A spacious and bright shop complete with green astroturf and big plush beanbag cheers, Blow sells a variety of sativa and indica strains, as well as hybrids, plus pre-rolls. They’ve also got Hashish THC 20%, THC oil, and CBD oil. 


316,  Soi Buakhao,  080-003-7733. Open daily 12pm-12:15am


Candyland Pattaya

Photo: Candyland Pattaya / Google Map


Self-labeled as a THC and CBD pharmacy and cafe, Candyland advertises their cannabis oil and cannabis flowers at the shop as 100 percent organic. If you’re thirsty, they also sell coffee, tea, slushies, shots, and cocktails.

See Candyland Pattaya’s Instagram page


168, Soi Boomerang, 092-210-3648. Open Mon-Sat 12-11pm; Sun 4-11pm


Cannabeach Shop

Photo: Cannabeach Shop / Google Map


Cannabeach sells a range of smoking equipment like trays and bongs and they’ve got a variety of strains on offer, including but not limited to Top Shelf Truffle, OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue, and Cherry Pie.


216, Pattaya Sai 2 Rd., 06-354-4962. Open daily 1-10pm


GanjaWitch Shop 

Photo: GanjaWitch Shop / Facebook


A one-stop smoke shop ready to roll out the ‘green’ carpet for its customers, selling various strains and oils. For the DIY folk, they sell hemp and cannabis grow kits. And if you want weed merch, they’ve got socks, lanyards, keychains, and other weed-themed products for sale. 

See GanjaWitch Shop’s website


Tipp Plaza, 219 D4, Beach Rd., 065-674-1555. Open daily 11am-10pm


The Budtender - Ganja Dispensary


If you’re looking to be spoilt for choice, check out The Budtender - Ganja Dispensary. They have 30 strains plus and counting on their menu, along with relevant products for your smoking needs like rolling trays and papers. 

See The Budtender - Ganja Dispensary’s Facebook page


594/14, South Pattaya Rd., 086-008-8199. Open daily 12-2pm


Speakeasy - Cannabis Revolution

Photo: Speakeasy – Cannabis Revolution / Google Map


A cannabis cafe in downtown Pattaya that lets you try before you buy. The shop has two lounge areas and boasts premium quality marijuana flowers, seeds, CBD oils, food, and accessories. With your weed, enjoy a cold beer, juice, or coffee along with music. 

See Speakeasy - Cannabis Revolution’s website


316/68, Soi Buakhao, 062-636-2065. Open 11am-10pm


Murphy’s Pub Bud’s & Spud’s


Photo: Murphy’s Pub Bud’s & Spud’s / Google Map


Set up in a shamrock green Irish-style pub in south Pattaya, Murphy’s where you want to go if you’re craving a Guinness with your cannabis. They offer free delivery anywhere in Pattaya.

See Murphy’s Pub Bud’s & Spud’s website


Soi Khao Noi. 


La Choza Jomtien Beach

Photo: La Choza Jomtien Beach / Facebook


Set on Jomtien Beach, La Choza has a bright fireball red storefront with a long bar to drink and smoke at. Find Super Skunk, Gorilla Cookie, hashish, brownies, Mexican food and more. Delivery and pickup available.

See La Choza Jomtien Beach’s Facebook page


Soi 9 Jomtien Beach, 064-948-2050. Open daily, 11am-12am


Wichai Paipar Shop

Photo: Wichai Paipar Shop / Facebook


A clean bright space with bean bags and bongs, Wichai Paipar is set up to chill out and smoke. They have some fun strains on the menu, including Amnesia Lemon, American Starforce, Cherry Pie, Cereal Milk, Meringue, and more.

See Wichai Paipar Shop’s Facebook page


324/26, Pattaya City, 081-996-8606. Open daily 12pm-3am