The Thailand college entrance exam draws no end of controversy, but why? Maybe you'll find out today why so many go to such great lengths to cheat; they even made a film about it, Bad Genius (2017) and its Netflix's series adaptation in 2020. These questions are from contentious ONET and TGAT exams from 2010, 2012, and 2022. So, are you smarter than a college hopeful?


During dinner, which is the most important meal for the family, Patcharaporn is arranging the table for her mother, who was born on Friday. Which colors should Patcharaporn use for the tablecloth?

1. Orange
2. Pink
3. Green
4. Blue

What should you do when sexual hormones kick in?

1. Invite your friends to play soccer
2. Consult with your parents
3. Try to sleep
4. Hang out with your opposite-sex friend
5. Go to the cinema with your best friend

What is the least carbon-emitting dish?

1. Garlic pepper chicken with rice 
2. Fried Noodle with Pork 
3. Salmon Steak
4. Seafood sukiyaki

Nid is an attractive girl who loves to go out with boys at night. She made out with some of them and ended up getting pregnant. Which of the following is the reason why several men are attracted to Nid?

1. Nid is beautiful
2. Nid has a good personality
3. Nid likes to go out at night
4. Nid doesn’t reject men


1. Blue – No, it’s not an arbitrary answer. If you remember each day’s color chart, you will know that blue represents Friday in Thailand. Her mother was born on that day, so the color should be blue.
2. Soccer – Sport is the best medicine according to the national curriculum. We even have the whole song about this. After all, soccer players are bastions of moral virtue.
3. Debatable. We genuinely don’t know. Neither did the Thailand country director for Greenpeace Southeast Asia Tara Buakamsri who wrote in response to this question on the Thai General Aptitude Test (TGAT) that it reflects problematic Thai education that relies solely on retention, not critical thinking. 
4. Nid is beautiful – We are all at the whims of thirsty exam makers.